Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sickly thin.

It all started two days ago.
I woke up to the sound of my brother puking his guts (a sound that would accompany us throughout the day, poor brother).
It seemed that the stomach flu had decided to come early this year and here he was, the first victim in our household.

I was miraculously spared for two days until I woke up this morning with annoying cramps.
Since I'm trying to lose weight, I dismissed them as "hunger cramps", but they persisted.
Now my body is aching all over and my dad (a GP) hit the last nail by commenting on how pale I am.

The stomach flu got me too.

Am I crazy for being happy about it?
When you think about it (and when you don't think about the gross side effects), what better way to kick-start a diet than by spending two days in bed unable to eat ?

...right ?

*edit : after more than a day of crazy stomach cramps and a complete "cleanse" -hum-  I can tell you one thing : as soon as I get my strength back, I'm going to punch the jackass that wrote "yay stomach flu" yesterday.

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